Monday, January 5, 2009

The Toy Jeep

I just had an existential moment that I had to write down and share if, by chance, anyone reads it.  I was out in the garage trying to figure out how I want to build some 'rustic' wood toys for my grandkids.  I found a small piece of wood I thought I could use for the tires and  put it on the work bench to drill out the circles.   It took a while to drill out the first wheel, "man, this is hard wood." When I looked closer I realized it was a piece of wood I had saved from Andy's parents sofa.  So far, no real big deal I suppose but suddenly I flashed back to the first time I ever saw that furniture in the den of Jim and Bonnie Arnold in 1968.  It wasn't new then but I just thought of how long this wood has paralelled my life .  I remember one time  Bonnie gave  me 'a look' when I put a glass down on the end table with out a coaster or anything.  I got the message real quick!  Or Papa Jim,  asleep in his chair, snoring away with all kinds of noise, people and activity going on around him.  It only took a moment or two, going in rewind , to review several such snapshots:  I was the only Colts fan , watching the Super Bowl with a whole household of Joe Namath fans.....(especially Andy's mom.,    asking my future father in law for permission to marry Andy (I was sitting on the sofa but really squirming!.......Jim was gracious and said yes)  Enough.   I just flashed across the years and stopped  briefly , almost in a blur .  The really neat part was the brief visual of one of the gand kids picking up this little toy and banging it on the loudest thing available (as Ella is fond of doing )or worse yet pouring a whole cup of water on it or pushing it through the mud in the back yard (a noble thought for a Jeep)   "Sorry Jim and Bonnie!"
    I saw the look on Bonnie's face but this time, for a great grand child, it turned into a smile.

I just put this down to remember it;  I'll spend more time latter......must get back to the Jeep'
I reread the story that I posted this past weekend and I didn't even understand it.  I got lost trying to keep clear on exactly what was happening especially at the very end.  It was a story I started years ago and left unfinished but now it's back in the shop for more work .  I guess my main thought is that I discovered a new appreciation for writers in working on this little story.  It's hard.  
Maybe The Mysterious Mr. H  will be back, maybe not.  I need some help in correcting it.  SAMANTHA  if you're

tom hudgens