Monday, July 21, 2008

There is a God and He

There is a God and He Speaks

Just when was it decided that God no longer communicates
with the likes of me-
Or that somehow I had learned to make my own plans
And light my paths to see.
Where did I get the idea that God, flexed his muscles,
And created everything that needed to be-
Then took one deep breath, inflated the the earth-
and set it free!

The same God, who spoke the worlds into existence,
Suddenly has nothing to say?
meanwhile, ‘me -of- little- faith’ , disguised as a disciple and convinced I rule my world forgets to pray.
/Tom Hudgens

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Samantha said...

hey dad!!!

this is awesome!!! we can go in and edit the spaces later-- sometimes it's a little weird, the way it chooses to register spaces between lines.

i love what you've written!!!!