Thursday, September 18, 2008

Advice to Counselors

I think this is such good advice for all of us, not just counselors. Words of a seventeenth century French theologian named Fenelon.

Speak little; listen much; think far more of understanding hearts and of adapting yourself to their needs than of saying clever things to them. Show that you have an open mind and let everyone see by experience that there is safety and consolation in opening his mind to you. Avoid extreme severity, and reprove, where necessary, with caution and gentleness. Never say more than is needed, but let whatever you say be said with entire frankness. Let no one fear to be deceived by trusting should become all things to all the children of God, for the sake of gaining every one of them. And correct yourself for the sake of correcting others.

see ya/ tom hudgens


Samantha said...

i like "correct yourself for the sake of correcting others."

Tom said...

Me true. I've often been convicted the strongest when I realize I'm trying to give to someone else advice that I won't take!
beams and splinters

tom hudgens

Anonymous said...


This is so good. I've printed it out! I need to keep it handy.

Robin Payne

Tom Hudgens said...

hey Robin, I agree! simple advice but the wisdom in it is ageless.